Saturday, July 01, 2006

VegNews Issue 50

In the new issue of VegNews (issue 50) is the "1st Annual VegWebby Awards" -- which starts on page 50 (sadly, not available online) (now available online).

Apparently, there must have been some kind of mix-up at the printers -- because listed under "Best Gourmand* Blog" is, um... this blog (bottom right on pg. 53).

Honestly, we had no idea -- Associate Editor Jenny Humphrey contacted me about a month and a half ago on deadline and we did a little quicky e-mail interview, but she didn't mention that it was for this... the picture to the right is the one they used in the issue -- a raw tomato gazpacho with sweet peas shoots, and in the background, shaved fennel salad and dehydrated sweet peas with olive oil, nama shoyu salt and pepper...

* "like a gourmet, only fatter"

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