Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tostada, Mashed Plantains and Soyrizo

Dinner 7/4

(deep-fried corn tortilla, refried black beans, soyrizo, soy cheese, lettuce, avocado)

Mashed Plantains and Soyrizo

We had loaded up on the potato salad at lunch, and weren't really that hungry by the time dinner rolled around -- the reason being that Liz had an unfortunate experience with some hot sauce (the aptly named "Colon Blow") in which she put five drops on her Rice, Red Bean and Tofu wrap from lunch. It was four drops too many -- and the potato salad was the only thing to help cut the heat from her tongue and lips.

I think we may have found the next best thing to collagen injections for those Hollywood-type lips -- just coat your lips with the "Colon Blow" and just sit back and wait for them to swell to double the size ;)

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