Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nopale and Portobello Mushroom Burrito, Tomatillo and Seitan Stew, Rice Pilaf, Grilled Corn

Dinner 7/6

Nopale and Portobello Mushroom Burrito
(roasted cactus, grilled portobello mushrooms, onion, garlic, soy cheese)

Tomatillo and Seitan Stew
(roasted tomatillo, garlic, onion, habenero pepper, cilantro, potatoes, seitan -- adapted from Rick Bayless)

Rice Pilaf
(basmati rice, onion, garlic, mexican oregano, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, water)

Grilled Corn

mmmmm... cactus. Somehow I got the idea in my head last week to make a roasted nopale and mushroom burrito, and we finally got around to making it tonight. Good tasting stuff all around -- just remember to use an oven mitt to hold down the cactus when slicing off the needles. ;)

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