Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Raw Food Wednesday: Spicy Noodles and Cashews, Greek Salad, Carob, Black Cardamom and Coconut Balls

Raw Food Wednesday

Spicy Noodles and Cashews
(adapted from "Raw Food / Real World": we had no peanuts, but plenty of cashews...)

Greek Salad
(adapted from Trotter/Klein: romaine lettuce, yellow beans, tomatoes, carrot croutons, caesar dressing)


Carob, Black Cardamom and Coconut Balls
(macadamia nuts, dried coconut, dates, salt, agave, vanilla extract, carob powder, black cardamom pods)

The main meal is the kinda/sorta "pad thai" version from "Raw Food / Real World" -- raw coconut noodles with a coconut meat/water based sauce that was refreshing as well as spicy. It's nice to try a variation, as we tend to make the Trotter/Klein version most of the time.

The dessert was interesting -- the black cardamom lends a smokey zing to the balls that matched well with the spice level of the noodle dish.

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