Monday, September 11, 2006

Red Curry Tofu, Brussel Sprouts

Dinner 9/11

Red Curry Tofu
(grilled tofu topped with a deep-fried rice ball and red curry sauce: coconut milk, tamari, red curry paste, sambal oelek)

Seared/Steamed Brussel Sprouts

A re-creation of the dish we had at Dragonfly last weekend. We ended up making mini-verions using a smaller size of tofu -- a block cut into eight thick squares, marinated in tamari, salt, pepper, lemongrass, ginger and a pinch of smoked paprika, then grilled.


The rice balls were made from leftover jasmine rice (from Saturday) that added a little rice flour and tamari to help them keep their shape -- the rice at Dragonfly was a short grain (couldn't tell if it was arborio or sushi) that was already pretty glutinous, but our jasmine wasn't -- hence the rice flour.

The sauce was straight-ahead coconut milk based -- Liz added the sambal oelek to punch up the flavor -- which it certainly did.

We loved it at Dragonfly -- we loved it at home ;)

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