Saturday, February 17, 2007

Empanadas, Tostadas and Churros, Oh My!

Dinner 2/17

(stuffed with ground seitan, onion, garlic, salt and pepper topped with chipotle sauce: chipotle en adobo with vegenaise)

(Home-made tostadas topped with seitan, mushrooms, poblano rajas, onion and FYH Monterey Jack)


(see above)

It was good to get the tortilla press out again and crank out the shells. It was like riding a bike after the second tortilla -- the amount of pressure, the texture of the masa harina dough, frying them on the griddle, etc

...and for dessert, Nessie the Churro ;)

It was the first time we made churros, and we need to fiddle with the dough a bit to make it firmer, so you can see the star pastry tip designs on the finished product. Tasty though...

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