Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Raw Food Wednesday: Yellow Beet Terrine, Celeriac and Green Apple Soup, Radish Crudite, Guacamole Salad

Raw Food Wednesday 2/21

Yellow Beet Terrine
(see below)

Radish Crudite Plate
("breakfast," "icicle" and "easter egg" radishes, olive oil and sea salt)

Guacamole Salad
(avocado, corn, tomato, jalapeño, onion, salt, pepper)

Celeriac and Green Apple Soup
(from "Raw Food Real World")

We had some serious fun making the terrine in the afternoon, mixing and matching with some ingredients, including some raw corn that we froze in August -- we could have snacked on that all afternoon, it was still that sweet. We ended up using it in the salad as well...

Here's the blow-by-blow descriptions and pix of the terrine. Click on the pictures for bigger versions)

step 1: cover the mold with plastic wrap with a couple of inches overhanging.



step 2: cover the mold with the marinated yellow beets, trying to come up over the top as much as possible.



step 3: cover the bottom of the terrine with a double layer of dehydrated and marinated mushrooms.



step 4: next, a thin layer of cashew cheese that covers the mushrooms completely.



step 5: put down a layer of spinach (or this case mache) over the cashew cheese layer.



step 6: add the dehydrated corn and onion mixture on top of the mache layer.



step 7: layer with the marinated yellow beets to seal the bottom layers. Repeat steps 3-7 until you fill the entire terrine.



step 8: tightly and completely wrap in plastic wrap.



step 9: after being refrigerated for three hours, unmold and it's ready for the electric knife...



step 10: leave the plastic on when cutting it -- it helps hold it together, but remember to remove it before gently plating the terrine ;)



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