Friday, October 12, 2007

Artichoke Dip, Pita Bread, Turnip and Saffron Soup

Dinner 10/12

Artichoke Dip
(artichokes, peppers, vegenaise, leeks, nooch)

Pita Bread

Turnip and Saffron Soup

The artichoke dip is adapted from Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland -- pretty straight ahead -- artichokes, jalapeno, vegenaise, nutritional yeast baked in an au gratin dish for 20 minutes until molten hot. ;)

The turnip and saffron soup is a lovely fall soup -- adapted from a Gourmet recipe from 1991 that I found while cleaning the pile of old food magazines in the basement last week. Basically you cook the sliced turnips, onion, garlic and aromatics in some veg stock for 10 minutes, then puree it, add it back to the pot with saffron and let sit for a few minutes to let it infuse, and check for seasoning. It really lets the turnip flavor come through with the always intoxicating saffron aroma.

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