Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ravioli, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Dinner 10/16

(see below)

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I stayed the hell out of the way and just took pictures, because this is all Liz's doing -- don't ask me for the dough recipe, because I don't know ;)

The filling came from a Hubbard squash that was a volunteer in the front yard (also the source of some of those lovely squash blossoms we enjoyed this year).

Step 1 Mother Hubbard! That's a large squash! It was roasted for about an hour at 425F with olive oil, salt and pepper. It had some thyme, sage and tofu added to lighten it.







Step 2 Prepping the dough... I do know that the dough uses soy sour cream, and was rolled out with the pasta attachment on the KitchenAid Mixer (number 5 setting). I'm not allowed to make the dough because there's no point in me jeopardizing the operation ;)







Step 3 Pass number one marks the dough. This was our first attempt at using the ravioli maker -- normally, we use a ravioli mold -- but Liz saw Mario Batali using it on TV the other day and decided to break it out.







Step 4 Laying out the ravioli filling. A small spoon works best here, because as we know, too much filling can be a disaster waiting to happen...







Step 5 Putting on the top layer of dough.







Step 6 Running the ravioli maker over the top, a second time. This is one of those "measure twice, cut once" moments -- make sure the ravioli maker lines up with the first pass.







Step 7 Whew! Now we're ready to trim.







Step 8 Trimming the edges to size and sealing them with the pasta cutter.







Step 9 All nice and trimmed -- ready to be dropped into the boiling water. These don't take long to cook at all -- about a minute is all it really needs. Place in the bowl and pour the melted soy margarine and sage over the top and serve immediately!







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