Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chickpea Soup with Fennel Broth

Lunch 04/12

Chickpea Soup with Fennel Broth

Soup for lunch has to be quick, so having the broth and chickpeas already pressure cooked is essential. After that it's a math problem. ;)

Q: If Liz is coming home for lunch at 12:30pm and has to be back at work by 2pm, when do you have to start making soup? (show your work)

A: Mirepoix (1 carrot, diced, 1 onion, diced, 1 rib of celery, diced) + 1 bunch of Lacinato Kale (shredded, sauteed in olive oil, tamari, black pepper) + 16 oz. Chickpeas + 4 cups of Fennel Broth (pressure cooked stems & fronds) + 2 tbs. minced parsley + 1 tbs. of white miso whisked in near the end = 11:30am

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