Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012 : Grilled Seitan with Asparagus, Braised Carrots, Cremini Mushrooms, Green Beans, Knotted Rolls, Chocolate Cups with Mousse & Strawberries

Easter Dinner 04/08

Grilled Seitan with Asparagus

Braised Carrots

Cremini Mushrooms

Green Beans

Knotted Rolls


Chocolate Cups with Mousse

Chocolate Strawberries

We broke out the pressure cooker and made seitan for the first time this year. After grilling, the seitan was wrapped around grilled asparagus, which had been marinated in olive oil, tamari and black pepper.

As usual, we also made the braised carrots.

Peel the carrots, and put them into a sauce pan large enough to hold all of them in a single layer. Add water about half way up the side of the carrots. Add 1 tbs. of soy margarine. Bring to a boil and cover loosely. Cook until the water completely evaporates and only a little soy margarine is left on the bottom of the pan. In a 350F oven, place the carrots and whatever soy margarine is left (you can also add an additional 1 tsp. soy margarine if it looks like it needs a little more), into a gratin dish, add salt and pepper to taste, and braise for 15-20 minutes.

Rounding out the rest of the plate was pan-fried cremini mushrooms and green beans (blanched 4-5 minutes, drained, tossed with Earth Balance, salt and pepper and topped with toasted slivered almonds).

Liz also had the time to make the knotted rolls again upon special request from our daughter. This was the first time using the Einkorn flour though, and they turned out really soft and toasty.

Here's the desserts -- Chocolate Cups filled with a piped Chocolate Mousse accompanied by Chocolate Strawberries.

In other news: we like chocolate. ;)

The strawberries were dipped in tempered chocolate and then decorated with white chocolate for contrast.

The balloon idea came from "Sweet Vegan" The balloons were dipped in tempered chocolate and then popped with a knife to form the cups. The mousse recipe also came from the book, although we used less soft tofu than it called for as the mousse was plenty firm.

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