Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yuba Money Bag

Vegan Test Kitchen 04/21

Yuba Money Bag

The last of today's vegan test kitchen experiments -- "money bags" made with yuba sheets that had been cut into 5" squares and soaked in a mix of tamari, water and a tiny bit of sesame oil. The yuba were then pan-fried, ever so briefly to keep them flexible enough to wrap, but slightly crispy enough to break apart when chewed, about 15 seconds per side.

The filling was a stir-fry made of carrot, tea-smoked tofu, green garlic, ginger and black "Forbidden Rice" (again).

We added about 2 tbs. of filling into the center of the yuba sheet, drew up the edges and tied it with a strip of collard greens.

This is more of a two-bite app, or you can cut the money bag open and release the stir-fry "prize" inside ;)

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