Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eggplant Stew over Corn Pasta, Okra and Tomatoes, Leeks and Sweet Potatoes en Papillote

Dinner 8/29

Eggplant Stew over Corn Pasta
(eggplant, merliton (chayote), orange bell pepper, leeks, red cherry pepper, garlic, tamari, smoked paprika, pepper)

Okra and Tomatoes

Leeks and Sweet Potatoes en papillote
(leeks, sweet potatoes, olive oil, agave, salt, pepper, smoked paprika)

A spicy eggplant stew that used many stray veggies -- as always, we've got to make room for the trip to the farmer's market this weekend...

The pasta made of corn is kinda cool/different -- you don't notice it much after the second bite -- the kids liked it, and it's gluten free, so we'll put it into rotation...

The leeks/sweet potato is a fun dish to serve at the table, sort of like a mystery package. It was one of the first things I learned to make at the cooking school -- the trickiest part is learning how to roll the parchment paper around the food so it stays sealed and cooks the leeks and sweet potato.

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