Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Karyn's Cooked, Tuesday Night

Dinner 8/1

Mac and Cheese

Portobello Burger
("Mac daddy of the mushroom, marinated and grilled to perfection with grilled onions, peppers, marinara and a creamy garlic sauce on a toasted demi multi-grain baguette")

Burger with Cheese
("Soy burger with all of the toppings on a toasted multi-grain bun")

Classic Lasagna
("with smoked spinach and tofu ricotta")

The original plan was go to Amitabul, but, as it was still in the mid 90's by 7pm, we decided to limit our driving and returned to Karyn's for dinner again (plus it was about six blocks from our hotel).

We all tried different dishes tonight -- the kids split a Mac and Cheese and the Burger with Cheese, Liz had the Classic Lasagna and I went with the Portobello Burger.

Again, a fabulous meal -- I could almost get used to eating out if it were this good all the time ;)

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