Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dim Sum: Vegetable Buns, Hoisin Seitan Wraps

Dim Sum 1/27

Vegetable Buns
(baby bok choy, garlic, ginger, tvp, sesame oil, tamari, pepper)

Hoisin Seitan Wraps
(with carrot and scallions)



We went to the big Asian food store near us -- the Cleveland Asia Market on Miles Rd. right off the Northfield Rd. exit on I-480 across from Randall Park Mall -- for those in Northeast Ohio. We loaded up on some goodies, and made some kick-ass dim sum tonight.

The Vegetable Buns were stuffed with the cutest little baby bok choy along with a stir-fried TVP mixture with sesame oil. We broke out the steamer basket and did two levels of buns.

The hoisin-flavored seitan wraps were equally as good -- sliced seitan, carrots and scallions in a moo-shu like pancake tied with scallion to hold then together.

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