Monday, January 01, 2007

Stats for 2006

2006 Stats

While backing up the food photos today, here's a few stats...

1100 pictures were uploaded on Flickr

"tofu wrapped in potato" (January 5, 2006) was the most viewed: 1069 times

"Green Tea 5 Shot" (February 25, 2006) was the most "interesting" (and tied for most favorited).

"raw_pistachio_tart with red_pepper_cheese" (June 15, 2006) also tied the most favorited

"seitan_stroganoff smoked_potatoes morel_mushrooms" (June 6, 2006) had the most comments (13) mostly discussing seitan on 6/6/06 ;)

but what was really surprising was the unused photos...

4964 food shots (this surprised me)
532 outdoor shots (trees, hawks, birds, fox, wild turkey, deer, weird weather)
250 family shots (birthdays, holidays, vacation)
94 wine shots (unusual bottles)
12 gear shots (UnSilent Film)
27 unused wine tasting pix (catering gigs)

for a grand total of 6979 pictures...

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