Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hickory Smoked Tofu and Mushrooms with Bearnaise Sauce, Twice Baked Potato, Creamed Spinach

Dinner 1/21

Hickory Smoked Tofu and Mushrooms with Bearnaise Sauce

Creamed Spinach

Twice Baked Potato

When we got the new DVR in December, we started taping "Pairings with Andrea" -- and then we'd blow through six episodes at a time. This is the recreation of one episode in particular.

Why yes, it is a bit perverse to veganize a "steakhouse" meal, but what the hell... ;)

The "Lightened-Up Creamed Spinach" was just a straight sub of soy milk for cream.

For the "Twice-Baked Potatoes with Roasted Garlic and Cheddar" we just subbed the FYH Monterey Jack (we're out of the cheddar), added a little soft tofu for the egg, and Better Than Milk (plain) for the milk. The kids said they wanted these for dinner the rest of the week ;)

This one was replaced by the hickory smoked tofu (15 minutes) and subbed soy margarine in the sauce. Same deal with the mushrooms...

Tarragon is a lovely, if underused, herb in our kitchen...

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