Sunday, July 11, 2004

Dinner 7/11

Asian Gazpacho
(Via Ming Tsai -- the recipe was mostly raw to start with, I just omitted the sambal oelek and worcestershire sauce and added another thai chile)

Zucchini Lasagna*


Coturri 2001 Sangiovese -- the last of the case :(

* we were going to make summer rolls (chard stuffed with a soaked mung bean mixture) but our afternoon got away from us and it was almost 7pm before we started on dinner. we had the just enough marinara and the last bit of cashew cheese to make the lasagna.

** So ends Raw Foods Week. And what did we learn? Well, for one, that we could do it. Advance planning was important as was being flexible enough to work with whatever fresh ingredients we had access to (thanks to Kent Natural Foods and the Kent Farmer's Market). The other thing we came away with was that once you get into the routine, it's relatively easy to execute. Also having a Vita-Mix and Champion Juicer is essential...

It was exciting to learn a new method of (un)cooking and changed my perspective to what raw foods were and _could_ be. Next, we'll see how well a week in January goes ;)

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