Saturday, March 24, 2007

Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand

Liz picked these up at the opening of the new Whole Foods Market Heinen's on Wednesday (she went both places, I can't tell the difference between the produce stickers, my bad) -- for only $2.99 each -- which is an absolute steal.

You only use the zest, as it has no juice. but it smells beautiful -- sort of a cross between lemon and flowers ;)

from: wikipedia:

"Buddha's Hand, Buddha's Hand citron, or Fingered citron (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylus) is a fragrant citrus fruit. It grows on a shrub or small tree with long, irregular branches covered in thorns. Its large, oblong leaves are pale green and grow about four to six inches. Its flowers are white or purplish and grow in fragrant clusters.

The fruit itself is a type of citron and is often described as lemon-like. The fruit is segmented into finger-like sections. It has a thick peel and a small amount of acidic flesh and is seedless and juiceless. It is very fragrant and is used predominantly by the Chinese and Japanese for perfuming rooms and personal items, such as clothing.

The peel of the fruit can be candied. In Western cooking, it is often used for its zest. The inner white pith is not bitter as is usually the case with citrus, so the fingers may be cut off and then longitudinally sliced, peel pith and all, and used in salads or scattered over cooked foods..."

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