Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day: Colcannon, Beer Gravy, Cock of the North, Soda Bread, Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream, Stout Brownies

Dinner 3/17

(mashed potato and cabbage)

Beer Gravy

"Cock of the North"
(seitan stew flamed with whiskey)

Soda Bread

Bistro Salad



Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream

Stout Brownies

Be afraid -- we broke out the ice cream maker...

The chocolate mocha ice cream had an insanely great mouthfeel and flavor -- very adult tasting with the black cocoa. Paired perfectly with the stout brownies. Surprisingly, the main ingredient is cashews. Adapted from "Vice Cream" by Jeff Rogers.

The colcannon (mashed potatoes and sauteed cabbage) holds down the middle of the plate, filled with a beer gravy (onion, garlic, mushroom, nutritional yeast, flour, stout beer, water, tomato paste, red miso, agave, tamari, pepper, bay leaf, thyme)

The "Cock of the North" is a seitan stew made with onions, carrots, garlic and seitan which are flamed with whiskey, then the red wine and water are added and it's all braised for 45 minutes. The mushrooms were added at the end.

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