Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stir-Fry, Jasmine Rice, Broiled Maitake Mushrooms, Szechuan Eggplant, Steamed and Seared Bok Choy, Dim Sum

Dinner 3/18

Broiled Maitake Mushrooms

(tofu, red bell pepper, carrots, toasted sesame oil, tamari)

Szechuan Eggplant

Steamed and Seared Bok Chok

Dim Sum
(stuffed with tvp, tamari, sesame oil, carrot, bok choy, shallot, garlic and ginger)


The maitake mushrooms are marinated in a mixture of 3 tbs. tamari, 2 tbs. sake and 2 tsp. mirin for an hour then placed under the broiler for 3-4 minutes per side.

The bok choy is cut in half, put in a steamer basket and steamed until tender, then quickly fried in a wok with a little oil, then a splash of tamari and finally finished with the toasted sesame seeds.

The eggplant is wok-fried in oil with garlic and ginger until browned, then the sauce of roughly equal proportions of veg stock, tamari, black bean paste and hoisin, with sriracha (rooster) sauce to taste and 1 tbs. of agave (or sugar). It's then simmered, covered, for 10-15 minutes. Finally, increase the heat to reduce it to a thick glaze and serve hot.

The stir-fry is just your garden variety wok-fried tofu, carrots, red bell pepper, sesame oil, tamari over steamed jasmine rice... with the maitake's on top

The Dim Sum were so good that our daughter ate six in a row, which is some kind of record...

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