Thursday, March 06, 2008

Portobella Mushroom, Collard Green and Seitan Quesadilla, Chiles Rellenos

Dinner 3/06

Portobella Mushroom, Collard Green and Seitan Quesadilla

Chiles Rellenos

The quesadillas were grilled baby portobella mushrooms, wilted collard greens and thinly sliced and fried seitan strips along with FYH Cheddar. The red chile pepper shells were cooked on the griddle with the filling, then folded in half and flipped halfway through cooking to keep everything together.

The poblanos were first blackened over the direct gas flame, allowed to cool, and then we removed the skin. They were stuffed with home-fried potatoes, soyrizo and FYH Cheddar, and stuck under the broiler for 4 or 5 minutes which helped melt the soy cheese very nicely.

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