Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teese Soy Cheese Pizza

Dinner 3/27

Teese Soy Cheese Pizza

Our shipment of Teese Soy Cheese arrived -- and it, in a word, rocks.

We made two pizzas (smoked tofu and portobello mushrooms), which turned out great -- the Teese melted extremely well -- maybe a little too well as evidenced by this picture of it oozing off the side.

So, a word to the wise, don't overload the pizza with the Teese and wait -- let it cool off for at least five minutes before attempting to eat. We cut into the second pizza too early, and the Teese came sheeting off the edge. Here's a slice after it cools off...

Eaten raw, the flavor was comparable to FYH, with a bit more saltiness and not as "rubbery" of a texture.

Now that we've tried all three: FYH vs. Sheese vs. Teese Mozzarella -- As much as we like (and have used) FYH and Sheese, I have to give the nod to Teese for the overall texture/flavor/melting of the mozzarella.

The Sheese moz is their weakest entry, but the rest of their line-up still would still win the "eating it on a cracker" contest. However, I'd bet there's a Cheddar Teese somewhere on the horizon.

I know Teese is still tweaking the formula to make it more "stringy" -- but for a first public attempt, it's pretty close...

Sassy! Glossy!

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