Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tournedos d'Seitan with Fig Confit, Braised Carrots with Tarragon, Roasted Potatoes

Dinner 3/16

Tournedos d'Seitan with Fig Confit

Braised Carrots with Tarragon

Roasted Potatoes

This is our contribution to the Hezbollah Tofu project: a vegan version of Tony Bourdain's "Tournedos d'Agneau with Fig Confit" p. 155 (picture on p. 157) from the "Les Halles" cookbook.

First, we made the seitan -- a combo of Ron Pickarski (pressure cooking method, ginger/kombu flavored broth), Isa (flavorings), and a couple of our ideas (ratio of gluten/water, jelly roll style). We rolled it into two 6" x 9" sheets, then rolled it up the long way (jelly-roll style), and pressure cooked it for 45 minutes. We also made "medallion" sized pieces as well.

We made veg stock earlier in the day and used some of it to make a little "semi" demi-glace -- brown roux + mirepoix + stock + reducing = sauce espagnole. Take that plus a little maderia (or red wine) and reduce it again.

Here's the seitan being rolled up...

The seitan after the pressure cooker, cut to size, wrapped with twine to keep the roll secure -- all though it really didn't need it, it was more for show...

The seitan was seared on all sides, then baked in the oven (375F for 15 minutes) finally rolled around in the sauce and plated with the poached figs (in the same banyuls that is also used for the sauce -- a sweet fortified red wine, or you could use port). Served along with braised carrots and tarragon as is the picture in the book.

A fun project, and perhaps there will be a few other recipes to come...

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