Friday, March 21, 2008

Seitan Roulade, Braised Leeks

Dinner 3/21

Seitan Roulade

Braised Leeks

Seitan Roulade, a photo essay... The seitan recipe is from Ron Pickarski. It was done the old-skool way, washing out the flour, and rolling it out into sheets which were boiled, then pressure cooked with broth, tamari, garlic and ginger. Because it swells so much in cooking, we trimmed the sides to even the edges

Next, after lightly pan frying in the wok -- really the only way to cook something this unwieldy. You don't want to over cook it here, because it'll make it hard to roll later.

Then we added the filling -- cooked mushrooms and kale, with tamari and a little marsala thrown in for good measure.

Time to roll it up, securing it with dayglo pink silicone loops instead of twine. Cooked in the oven for 25 minutes at 350F (along with the leeks on the left). Yes, they do look like dreads from the "Predator" dude ;)

Just out of the oven, the cut away shot...

Plated, with mushroom gravy and parsley and served with a side of braised leeks

We're saving the second sheet for another Hezbollah Tofu recipe... ;)

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